Grass Solutions are Grass Care Specialists

Operating throughout East Anglia from our Framlingham base, Grass Solutions can take on the responsibility for all your grassland needs. Whether that be garden lawns, all types of sports amenities – football pitches, golf courses and horse paddocks. We can advise on projects from establishing playing fields, lawns, flower meadows, preparing seedbeds, supplying and planting appropriate grass seed and wildflowers. We can then take on the management aftercare.

Grass Solutions are also involved with

  • Hedge and tree planting and coppicing.
  • Within agriculture we carry out hedge planting and hedge cutting, Avadex spreading and grass seeding.
  • Grass Solutions are proud to be a smaller independent company set up and run by local people.

Years of experience and a dedicated work force. We get the job done.


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Sports Ground Maintenance

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Seasonal News

Ragwort never really seems to disappear from our countryside and it seems more prevalent than ever. With all the mild and wet winters we keep getting – be on the look out in your paddocks. Ragwort is only going to get worse.

If you have a serious infestation of this noxious weed you do need to be planning your control measures. You cannot wait until the last minute and call “help” for some spraying – you will have a minimum of 6 weeks withdrawal from grazing to contend with – “where will I put my horses for six weeks!!”

Why do I need 6 weeks withdrawal? When the ragwort has been sprayed and starts to die two things happen. Firstly ‘the sugars’ in the dying plants become more concentrated, so it becomes more palatable. Secondly the herbicide used to kill the ragwort ‘grows it to death’ – it looks like it is growing faster, but very quickly will grow very pale, tall and twisted and very soon after this starts to die back. Having alternative grazing is imperative.

Arrange your ragwort control now – book us in to ensure you have your spraying done in the best growing conditions. You need the spraying done before the ragwort starts to grow too much.