Hedge Care

Hedge planting is undertaken from November to March, whether to establish a new hedge or to thicken up an existing hedgerow by filling in gaps. All plants are sources from our local plant nursery and have full UK provenance. We select plants suited to your particular requirements and location.

We offer a coppicing and clearing service for overgrown woodland or hedge boundaries. We can also fence and replant if required. Coppicing is mostly done by hand but for larger jobs tractor mounted machinery is used.

Hedge cutting is carried out with our McConnel hedge cutter.

In addition to hedge planting we undertake tree and orchard planting as well as maintenance and pruning for these areas. We can also incorporated wild flower meadows with newly planted orchards and trees.

Hedge Planting
Orchard Planting
Hedge Cutting
Tree Planting with Wild Flower Seeded Area